Fabricated Metals manufactures a complete line of instrument cases utilized in Rail and Transit Industries, Telecommunications, Roadway, Computer Systems and outdoor/indoor Battery and Energy Storage applications. Our enclosures can be customized and constructed to meet the specifications of your job. Instrument cases are typically found in applications for positive train control, housing of electrical components, switches or in backup energy storage solutions (batteries or generators).

Interiors are finished to precise specifications. Typically, we install insulation, circuit breakers, heaters, air conditioners, vent fans, floor vents, backboards, relay racks, battery trays, lighting and ground posts.

Case exteriors can be finished with a variety of painted coatings or finishes. Aluminum finishes, Hot Dip Galvanized and powder coatings are optional as well.

Roll-Up Door cases for confined spaces are perfect for when there isn’t available space to open large doors. Roll-Up Door Cases can be made to any size requirements large or small.


  • All-welded construction. Can be manufactured from .100 Aluminum, 14 GA or 12 GA Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, or Cor-Ten® Steel
  • Base is constructed of heavy angle with slotted holes for mounting to case foundation
  • Cases are shipped with two wood feet for handing with forklift
  • Keyhole rails are located on both sides
  • Interior can be lined with ½”, 1″, or 2″ insulation
  • Case Interior and exteriors are painted to your specification
  • Case Bottoms (underneath) are coated with black rust inhibitor
  • All exterior seams are welded and caulked
  • Louvers on front and back doors are provided with screens and shut-off plates

  • Each door has heavy duty 90º & 180º door holding device
  • Waterproof gasket seals door opening
  • 3-Point latching system secures all doors
  • Doors are removable and have 15º slant with weep holes in the bottom to prevent water standing
  • Doors are cross broken for rigidity
  • Door reinforcements available if specified
  • Lifting hooks or lugs are located on both sides
  • Door handles and hasps are designed to accept padlocks
  • Aerial cable knockouts are located on both sides
  • 4¾” Underground bushing knockouts are furnished in the floor