The Fabricated Metals’ Walkout Cantilever meets AASHTO recommended design criteria. AREMA Cantilevers available by request.

Proper installation requires only 12 bolts to attach our cantilever arm to the mast. The Fabricated Metals certified Quality Control Program assures a proper fit.

Fabricated Metals offers a Walkout Cantilever which saves you time and money. Walkout Cantilevers are available in single mast (10′ thru 30′). Also available in double mast (31′ thru 40′).

Our preassembled cantilever comes equipped with lights, bell and signs to your specifications.

Fabricated Metals Cantilever Structures are an all welded construction from 6061-T6 aluminum.

Design of cantilever allows service of equipment to be done quickly by railroad personnel working safely above the traffic.


  • Non-slip slotted walkway grating is 1″ I Bar grating x 17″ wide.
  • Handrail is 34″ high with an intermediate handrail at 16″.
  • Road clearance is 17′-6″.
  • Sign and light mounting brackets are welded to the structure.
  • A ladder is provided and includes a guard to discourage unauthorized access.
  • Structure meets AASHTO specifications.
  • 10″ pipe mast is supplied with 10′-0″ to 22′-0″ arm.
  • 12″ pipe mast is supplied with 23′-0″ to 30′-0″ arm.
  • 12″ and 10″ pipe combination double mast is supplied with 31′-0″ to 40′-0″ arm.

  • Base plate is 1½” thick and is welded to the mast and has slotted holes for easy mounting on 1½” anchor bolts at 19″ x 19″ spacing.
  • External junction box is provided with 48 AAR terminals.
  • Bells/pinnacles and a variety of signs such as railroad crossing signs, number of tracks signs and stop on red signs are also available as required for specific applications.
  • Cantilevers can withstand 120 mile per hour winds per AASHTO LTS-5, ice loadings to 3 pounds per square foot and live loads of 500 pounds at the tip.

Single Mast

Double Mast Bases

Left Hand Cantilever